Santiago Parkside Estates and Nancy - Car stolen - too much noise complaint

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Santiago Parkside Estates stole my grandson's car, had it towed, the police refused to do anything about it. Nothing they wouldn't even come out. My neighbor has more than 20 cats she does nothing for but feeds them; no shots, vets, zip. The cats urinate on my windshield almost daily; the pee and *** all over my yard. My cats and dogs are not allowed out at all. With the runny swollen eyes I don't want my animals to get anything from Sp 82's cats. Tonight they called the police because I don't like to kill their cats when I start my car.

I want them to pay for the extra three trips they caused with towing my grandson's car. I want them to pay for the last three months of washing my car every other day-they can pay for the last six months at least. I want them to pay for the last car repairs because of their cats.

I want Nancy from Sp 82 to be removed from anything to do with the office or management. She is breaking more rules than anyone else in the park. She has two men living in her trailer, she stole $240 from me and refuses to pay it, she has many more than the allowed number of animals. She has noise makers all over her yard that keep the neighborhood up all night.

Review about: Stolen Car.


Chantilly, Virginia, United States #765731

Trailer park problems.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #765709

I assume you are on the dole. That's the way it goes, then. Time to get a job and move to where normal people live.

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